Cutaway embroidery backing is one kind of permanent stabilizers that remains on the fabric and keep it stable during and after embroidery. It’s a good choice for knit fabrics as it prevents the designs from stretching out with frequent wearing and washing. Cutaway stabilizer is also recommended to use on loosely woven fabrics and on projects to be framed, where visibility of the stabilizer is not an issue. It does well in projects where the machine embroidery stabilizer can be left in the finished piece. However, as dense embroidery or clothing items will be washed frequently, cutaway is good for staying and giving added stability.


To use: Place stabilizer under fabric. Hoop all fabric, stabilizer and stitch design. Once stitching is complete, remove the hoop and trim away the excess backing with scissors from fabric up to the outer edge of stitches. 

Pre-wound Bobbins


Pre-wounded bobbins are made of polyester and are very important factors during process of embroidery as it keeps the tension uniform. In general, if the rotating speed is between 550-600, we recommend using 75D/2, if it is higher than 600, we recommend using 70D/2. There are three different model types L, M and A and L is the most popular one. The model type you choose depends on the type of bobbin case. We suggest that you check which style is suitable for your machine before using the bobbins.

EVA foam


We can manufacture two kinds of EVA foam, soft and hard. It has the characteristics of water resistance and can be machine washed. You can reach three-dimensional effect by the use of EVA foam during embroidery. When applying EVA foam, you have to put EVA foam on the fabric and stick them with glue or other things to fasten. 

Hot melt film


Hot melt film is made of environmentally friendly material and usually is applied to machine embroidery, emblems, spun lace and toys and so on. It has the characteristics of season resistance, washing resistance and dry cleaning resistance. This film dissolves when heated by hot dry iron.

1. Preheating the machine before you use it and at the same time adjust a suitable temperature. (In general, the recommend application temperature is range from 90℃ to 135℃. However, the application temperature is related to the material, thickness and emblem which , so please kindly have a test first.)

2. Put the pieces of the emblem or the finished embroidery on the Manual Heat Transfer machine.

3. One side with glue should be put on emblem and the other side with release paper should be placed on the heating plate of the machine. 

4. Ironing time: About 5-20 seconds, which is also, depend on the material and the thickness of the glue, so it can be determined after a test. After ironing of 5 to 20 seconds, loosen the machine and tear off the release paper. When it cools, the emblem has a layer of glue called adhesive and the emblem itself becomes adhesive emblem.

5. Cutting the excessive part by clip tool or by hand.

6. Laying the side with the glue of the emblem on the garment and the emblem can stick to garment by the Manual Heat Transfer machine.

7. It is more efficient than traditional stitching method, strong viscous, and washable.

Trick film


Trick film is applicable to all kinds of cloth and embroidery and can be peeled off easily to increase efficiency. It has taken place of paper backings with various advantages such as it can work under low temperature and low pressure, it can dissolve quickly without any smell and the color won’t fade and so forth.


To Use: One side should be put on the machine and the other poriferous side up towards cloth to keep resistance. Then we suggest regulating the machine temperature to  100℃-120℃ but 130℃ in winter and you can adjust the temperature according to specific conditions.

Water soluble


Water soluble products we manufacture include cold water soluble film, hydrosoluble nonwoven and water soluble thread. These products are all environmentally friendly and remedy the fault of hot water soluble interlining and can soluble in water completely without leaving a sticky residue or stiff fabric. The best choice for high-grade silk fabric what cannot bear high temperature is PVA hydrosoluble nonwoven. 

Cold water soluble film is used for embroidery allocation and functions as paperboard. It is appropriate for different kinds of high-class underwear, fashionable dresses and Lace. 

Water soluble thread we manufacture is of good yarn strength and appropriate for embroidery, separation of socks, Lace and so forth. These water soluble products have many advantages as they make process procedure simple and also save time, labor and cost.

Nylon spunbond


Nylon spunbond (No Show Polymesh) is made of 100% nylon. As it is semitransparent, it ideal for use on lightweight and light colored fabrics because it does not show through. The diagonal embossing pattern of the fabric is more multi-directionally stable than the regular perpendicular previous versions. The translucent nature of this stabilizer eliminates the bulk, stiffness and shadowing characteristic of other types of permanent stabilizers. It is perfect for left chest logos, pique knits, T Shirts, infant items and micro fiber apparel.



Tearaway embroidery backing is temporary stabilizers and it is easy to be removed after your stitching is completed. We recommend using tearaway for medium to heavy weight fabrics and dense embroidery designs. After embroidery, it can be torn away with hands in either horizontal or vertical direction.


To Use:  Place stabilizer under fabric.  Hoop both fabric and stabilizer and stitch design. For additional support, two or more layers of stabilizer can be used. Once stitching is complete, gently tear away the stabilizer from fabric.